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De.Bug has just updated our Bad Company 2 Hacks to include a deadly accurate aimbot! Now you can go in any game and rank number one every single round. The aimbot is so good you will usually only get a few deaths and like 80+ kills per round. The Bad Company 2 Hacks aimbot comes with bullet drop compensation so that you can even kill someone all the way across the map with only one shot. The Bad Company 2 Aimbot also comes with prediction and full bone aiming so you can select which body part to hit and kill even enemies running at full speed. Check out the Bad Company 2 Hack video below, this is just a small preview, more coming soon.


First Ever Bad Company 2 Hacks

January 28th, 2010

De.Bug is currently coding the first ever Battlefield Bad Company 2 Hack, we are using the beta for coding and testing purposes and we will be releasing the first ever Bad Company 2 Aimbot for the game as soon as it’s officially released! Bad Company 2 Hacks, plus many more with our new Master Package! Do you want access to just one BC2 Hack? How about access to BF1943 Hacks, Bad Company 2 Hacks, BF Heroes Hacks, BF2 Hacks, BF2142 Hacks, AVA Hacks, Combat Arms Hacks & more?! That’s right, we are so crazy we give away every single hack above, plus new releases to anyone who joins our Master Hack Group. No other site in the world offers a Master Hack package for $20 a month, check around and see why we are the best hack site in the world. We have over 180,000 members and 500+ hack subscriber reviews for you to read. What are you waiting for? Become a member of by getting our MASTER PACKAGE!